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FC 150 P
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FC + LS MT1.25
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  • High loading capacity thanks to the double-acting lift cylinder.
  • Maximum comfort for the driver with the visual display for the angle of the implement.
  • Faster and easier installation and removal with the swivel system.
  • Maximum stability: The cross tube is inserted through the boom and welded on both sides.
  • The supporting devices are easy to use, no tools required.
  • Double-sided implement locking mechanism on Skid Steer quick release frame.
  • Can adapt to all jobs – thanks to the special range of implements for this series.
  • Can also be equipped with practical accessories – such as the third pilot circuit, Comfort Drive or the anti-lowering guard.

TYPE        P
Suitable for tractors with kW/hp       11-18
Weight of the tractor  

kg 700-1000
Lifting capacity in the pivot point of the implement below
daN 435
Lifting force (blade) 300 mm before the pivot point below

daN 390
Lifting force (pallet) 700 mm before the pivot point below
daN 365
Breakout force 750 mm before the pivot point   R daN 560
Max. lifting height in the implement’s pivot point   H mm 2000
Overhead loading height   L mm 1845
Dump height   A mm 1.340
Dump width   W mm 220
Digging depth   S mm 75
Pivot point of lifting arms   B mm 998
Tilt angle below X ° degree 48
Dump angle above Z ° degree 71
Pump output rate     l/min. 15
Stroke time     sec. 2,5
Tilting time, implement below   sec. 1,4
Dumping time, implement above   sec. 2,0
Weight, lifting arms without implement     kg 165 

The values given are averages. Depending on the type of tractor, these values may deviate up or down. The hydraulic pressure is at 140 bar for the FC 150, and at 170 bar for all other front loaders * Work with the front loader may only be carried out if there is a suitable rear weight in place due to the risk of the tractor tipping.

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