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PRESS RELEASE - STOLL opens new markets in South-East Asia Photo: left: Jae Young Kim, right: Armin Walter (Sales Manager Export)

STOLL opens new markets in South-East Asia
The frontloader specialist STOLL is expanding and is now making its successful products further known in the Asia area.

Previously, Japan and Korea were part of the market sales areas but, in the future, the STOLL brand will become synonymous for quality and German know-how for dealers and farmers in China and South-East Asia.

The new Area Sales Manager, Jae Young Kim, will be taking on a key role in this venture from 15 August of this year. In established customer-related business dealings, Kim will not only be following existing Japanese and Korean customers but he will also be responsible for promoting the expansion and building of a customer network in China and South-East Asia.

Two company success factors
In implementing this strategy, STOLL will be able to count on success factors of experience and expansion know-how. Aided by STOLL’s and Kim’s longstanding and sound professional and market experience in the tractor and frontloader business, together, they are well equipped for winning over Chinese and South-east Asian farmers and dealers and convincing them about the quality and flexibility of German products. STOLL is looking forward to a rewarding working relationship with Kim, who can already claim contacts with significant customers.

A new Chapter
Leveraging this sales market expansion, STOLL will be setting a further milestone on its roadmap for increasing and diversifying its customer portfolio and brand popularity in a key additional market segment. STOLL has great expectations and is looking forward to this strategic cooperation, knowing that it can rely on its 50-year history in the frontloader segment for opening a brand-new chapter.

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About Wilhelm Stoll Maschinenfabrik GmbH

Wilhelm Stoll Maschinenfabrik GmbH is one of the world‘s market leaders for frontloaders. STOLL offers precise-fit attachment equipment and tools for 10 to over 300-hp tractor sizes. In addition to its head office in Lengede, near Hannover, the STOLL Group owns 7 different distributor companies and manufacturing facilities in Germany, USA, France, Poland and Russia.

STOLL is renown internationally for first-class quality and its customer-oriented approach. Farmers, contractors and dealers benefit from the world‘s widest range of attachment equipment. Thanks to STOLL’s flexible solutions, the most suitable frontloader may be found for a wide range of tractor brands.

The company, established in 1878, since 2013 has been owned by DMB - Deutsche Mittelstand Beteiligungen, a Hamburg-based investment company.

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